Breach of Trust


Edgar winner David Ellis was the House Prosecutor who convicted Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich in the sensational Impeachment Trial before the Illinois Senate in January, 2009.  In Breach of Trust, Ellis relies on his experience and expertise to deliver a gritty tale of political corruption and murder at the highest levels of government.

In this second installment of the Jason Kolarich series, Jason investigates the murder of a key witness in a criminal case that Jason tried.  Jason had forced the witness to testify and believes that this led to his murder.  When the evidence leads to an obscure agency in state government, guilt-stricken Jason goes to work for the agency to dig deeper.  Before he knows it, Jason finds himself square in the middle of a high-level conspiracy of fraud and corruption—as well as a covert federal investigation into these crimes.  He is confronted by agents of the FBI, who force Jason to work undercover to root out the criminal activity.  Jason finds himself with two roles, solving the murder of the witness and helping put away top state officials—all the way to the Governor’s door.  But are the two things related?  And how far must Jason go to solve the murder and take down a corrupt governor?

Breach of Trust blends a riveting murder-mystery with a story of power and corruption at the highest levels, written by the man who removed a corrupt governor from office.