The Wrong Man

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Published by: Penguin
Release Date: December 3, 2012
Pages: 500
ISBN13: 978-0425251942



When Jason Kolarich accepts the case of a homeless Iraq war veteran accused of murdering a young paralegal, his course seems clear: to mount an insanity defense for a man suffering so badly from post-traumatic stress disorder that he has no real memory of the crime. But as Kolarich digs deeper, he realizes that, unlikely as it seems, his client is probably innocent—and the murder was no random crime, but a targeted hit. As Jason Kolarich races to find the truth in time to save his client, he’ll find himself embroiled in a mystery involving the mob, a mysterious assassin, and a conspiracy of wealthy, international terrorists with explosive plans for his city.




“David Ellis’s pages throb with action and suspense.”
—James Patterson, New York Times bestselling author

“David Ellis delivers compelling legal thriller in The Wrong Man, the third legal thriller by David Ellis featuring lawyer Jason Kolarich, delivers several surprises and is a great read. Homeless veteran Tom Stoller is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. He’s accused of murder, and based on the evidence, his conviction appears to be a slam dunk. Kolarich believes Stoller is guilty, but decides to defend him. But as he begins to investigate, Kolarich starts to believe that Stoller is innocent. Was he framed? The victim had many enemies, and Stoller may have been in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Will uncovering the truth make Kolarich the next target?

Ellis is an attorney, and he’s also written several thrillers with James Patterson, so he knows the ins and outs of the courtroom and how to create suspense on the page. He has been writing terrific stories, and “The Wrong Man” is another outstanding effort. Readers not familiar with Ellis or his attorney character Kolarich will find this a great place to begin the proceedings.
—The Washington Post

“Edgar-winner Ellis is a Chicago prosecuting attorney (he was the House Prosecutor who tried Governor Rod Blagojevich before the Illinois senate), and he brings his legal expertise and insider’s knowledge to the crafting of his legal thrillers. The third in Ellis’ Jason Kolarich series (the others are Breach of Trust, 2011, and The Hidden Man, 2009) is one of those reads that starts, literally and metaphorically, in a dark street at night and that manages to extend that “What’s going to come up at me?” feeling to just about every scene. A young woman, a student and paralegal, is shot to death on the street. A homeless man is found nearby and arrested; he is in possession of the young woman’s purse, and he identifies the gun fired at the victim as his own. He’s an Iraq War veteran, with PTSD and disorganized schizophrenia. Defense attorney Kolarich takes on what seems to be an easily closed case, but as he delves into the paralegal’s life, he discovers that any number of people may have wanted her dead. One flaw—Ellis writes about a Chicagoesque city, when there’s no reason to be coy about setting. But everything else here, from interviews through prepping the team of lawyers through the rigors and excitement of the trial itself, rings perfectly true.”
—Booklist, starred review